Make A Financial Donation 


(No online donations for Pillar Fund) Please mail Pillar Fund donations to:
Bayfield City Hall/City of Bayfield Pillar Fund
PO Box 1170
Bayfield, WI 54814

Mail your donation to the library using this form, OR

Donate Online Now!

In most cases, your donations are tax deductible.


Why Give? 

You may not even use the library yourself, but we’ll bet you that someone you know does.

Young families and preschoolers gather at the library each week, learning about the importance of reading and learning to interact with one another other.

You may have children or grandchildren who use the library—who come here after school as a warm and safe place to be until it’s time to go home.

Maybe your friends or family enrich their lives with book club gatherings or other library programs.

Perhaps your grandparents enjoy our extensive large print collection of current and popular titles.

Our Collections/Programs

Your gift will be used to support collections and programs right here in Bayfield.

The Bayfield Carnegie Library appreciates financial gifts in any amount—the choice is yours.

And you can earmark your gift:

  • To specific items—for example, Books or DVDs

  • To programming—for example, the Children’s Summer Reading Program.

It’s up to you!

Our Endowment Fund

If you prefer, you can earmark your financial gift to our endowment fund.

The hope is that this money will be a safeguard so that a library can and will exist forever in Bayfield.

As of January 2019, the library endowment fund is at $76,000. Our final goal is to reach $100,000. We are getting closer and closer.

Learn more about the endowment fund,